Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What Tells Time Without Saying A Word?

Although its chimes are now silenced for library purposes, our magnificent 19th century German wall clock keeps perfect time. It was donated in 1916 to the old Bernardsville Library on Morristown Road by Mr. Francis G. Lloyd and stood in the front reading room of that pre-Revolutionary War building. Over the years, the clock acquired a deep layer of soot from the wood-burning fireplace and needed a thorough cleaning before it could be moved to our new library building at the beginning of the 21st century. 
First, the clockworks were removed so that the walnut cabinetry could be sent out to be refinished. Then a clock maker attended to the cleaning and overhaul of the timing mechanism. This included a proper handling of the pendulum's mercury, which was weighed, safely disposed of, and replaced in the pendulum with an appropriate metal substitute. 
Standing 14'5" tall, this distinctive clock now has a place of honor in front of the library's Local History Room. As you pass it, please notice the lovely carvings on the cabinet and pause to watch the graceful swing and pull of the long pendulum. Believe it or not, time will seem to stand still for a while.

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