Monday, December 10, 2012

Supporting Your Library

Libraries are able to stir the spirit, warm the heart, and enliven all those who enter.  They are a portal for knowledge and a refuge in times of emergency.  As charitable giving approaches the end of the calendar year, please remember your local library's contribution to you and your family's well being.  
Bernardsville Public Library is one of those libraries that has been there for you - open and operating - even in times of crisis.  Most recently, during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Bernardsville Public Library maintained its regular services while functioning as a warming center and community gathering place.  
Throughout the year Bernardsville Public Library schedules a variety of free programming for all ages, provides reference and learning resource assistance, and offers the latest in loanable materials including i-Pads, e-readers, dvds, books, and online databases.  Most important to some visitors, we offer a welcoming smile and a hello.  Please consider a contribution to your local library.  It is an investment with good returns.  To donate to Bernardsville Public Library, please follow this link  We thank you.