Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Teddy Bears Are Back For One Final Year

If you always thought you’d get around to dressing a teddy bear for our holiday project, this is the year to do it! For many years, the Salvation Army has donated teddy bears to be dressed by various organizations, including our library, as a holiday charitable project for New Jersey children in need. This will be the final year that Salvation Army will donate bears, but the good news is that the teddies are already here at the library! They’re waiting in the glass cases in the lobby for you to pick up, take home, dress up, and return 004by Wednesday, November 25. You may sew an outfit, knit a sweater, or buy an outfit that will make Teddy proud and bring joy to a child who may not have many other toys this holiday season. Don’t let this last year pass by without participating in this meaningful project!