Monday, May 16, 2016

Reach for the Top

The pinnacle of success in life is built upon a foundation of hard work; it's nearly impossible to achieve goals without it. Whether you're a student writing a research paper, an adult seeking career advancement, a foreign-language speaker learning English, or a curious mind expanding your knowledge base, the public library provides you with the tools and inspiration necessary to get to the top. Best of all, these resources are abundant and free to you. 
We think the first step on your way to success should be the acquisition of a library card. To become a member of Bernardsville Public Library, you must live, work, go to school or pay taxes in the Borough of Bernardsville or qualify through joint memberships with certain library associations. You also have the option of purchasing a nonresident card. Your Bernardsville library card accords you full access to what would otherwise be a very costly set of books, resources, subscriptions, and online services if you had to purchase them on your own. 
To further help you meet your goals, a good library website loaded with reference and research databases makes working from home possible when a library visit is not feasible. At Bernardsville Public Library, these databases are open to you 24 hours a day with the simple input of your library card number. Make yourself familiar with our website,, find out whether you qualify for a library card, and start laying the foundation for your next success in life. We're here to help.