Monday, November 21, 2016

Books for Kids: A Holiday Giving Opportunity

Imagine the consequences if you were to put the gift of a new book in the hands of a child with little access to reading material. You'd be right to envision the immediate joyous scene as the child smiled, laughed, or jumped with the thrill of book ownership. But think of the benefits that could accrue to that child over time just from being exposed to new reading opportunities.
Early literacy opens a young mind to unimagined possibilities and choices. Books introduce new ideas and spark flights of fancy; they instill curiosity about the world and allow children to imagine their future roles in our world. In truth, literacy provides the access to knowledge needed to build strong character and success in life. But books also befriend and comfort children in difficult times. Sometimes they simply entertain and enthrall their readers - how wonderful is that?!
If you would like to give a world of opportunity to a child, please donate to our holiday cause, Books for Kids, being run in tandem with the New Jersey Library Association. We ask that you place one or more new books appropriate for children ages infant to teen in the donation box atop our Books for Kids display located in the library lobby. We are collecting your gifts through December 15, when they will be distributed to children in New Jersey who have limited or no access to books in their lives. Thank you.