Sunday, June 7, 2009

Polka Dots To Live or Die?

Is there a doctor in the house? Our polka dot Blogger template, which once shimmered with subtle shades of gray and celadon as seen above, has now started to look anemic and thoroughly washed out on certain monitors, but not on others. What's with that? I was rather fond of those little happy dots; they reminded me of button candy, but now they look like this:

Sad. I took these pictures from the same monitor so that you can see the change. In the end I may have to pull the plug on this template and go with something else. Anyone have a diagnosis? Are you getting the sickly yellow version or the happy, shimmery dot version?


Evelyn said...

What's that, a voice crying in the wilderness? Oh, wait, it's just me.
Hello, me.

Anybody have a tip about this problem? It happens on some monitors, but not others. Thanks for any helpful comments.

Evelyn said...

Hello, me, again!

Well, it was just someone messing with the computers' contrast values, so I remessed with them to bring the dots back. They will live, not die!