Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Halloween MySpace Playlist

photo source - Bernardsville Public Library

Well, the picture is a whole lot clearer on our MySpace page, but here's a facsimile of the big, shiny red Halloween playlist now appearing on Bernardsville Library's MySpace. To get your fill of creepy music without the usual Halloween kitsch, push the play button once you visit our page. You'll find such chilling classics as the themes from The Exorcist and Halloween as well as the fantastic theme music to The Shining. Do you remember those great opening aerial shots from The Shining that took you over woods and lakes and up winding cliffside roads to the mountaintop hotel? Remember the scene's accompanying music with its unnerving hints of otherworldly souls crying out? That song is number one on our playlist and waiting to give you the chills. There's an eclectic mix of other haunting tunes as well, including pieces by Disturbed, AC/DC, Eric Burdon, Talking Heads, and yes, Bach himself! Give it a try.


Yaritza said...

I will certainly check out that web link for Halloween playlist.

john said...

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