Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Was there something about American society in the early 1940s that would lead its citizens to give up their sense of democracy and decency so easily? Is that danger present today?


Susan said...

The potential is always there and, given the right circumstances, the promise of America could be threatened. To paraphrase the title of a Sinclair Lewis book, It Can Happen Here. Every generation has its demagogues. Is a member of the German-American Bund any different from a right-wing talk show host? What is particularly insidious about these extremists is that they wrap themselves in red, white, and blue while they spew noxious hate-mongering rhetoric. One can only hope that the principles upon which this country was founded will remain steadfast and true.

Pat Kennedy-Grant said...

I totally agree. Hasn't it already happened here when you look at the fear mongering that is used to take away our freedom and privacy. I would think that the Muslim community in American today may feel very similar to the Roths and their Jewish neighbors.