Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Book New Jersey Selection for 2008

The New Jersey Library Association has announced the selections for their 2008 reading campaign entitled "One Book New Jersey. " Philip Roth's The Plot Against America has been chosen as the adult book to be read and discussed throughout New Jersey this year.

A native of New Jersey, Philip Roth set this book in the 1940's Newark of his childhood. Blending a fictional storyline with true-life characters (including family members as well as Charles Lindbergh and Walter Winchell), Roth explored what America and his family's life would have been like if Charles Lindbergh had succeeded to the presidency of the United States.

For those of you interested in participating in the reading campaign of "One Book New Jersey," Bernardsville Public Library owns three copies of The Plot Against America. At some point in the future, we would like to offer a book discussion format via this blog, where you can make comments to the discussion topics posted for the book.

Please look for more information to come.

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