Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bookmark Something New To Read

Fifteen original bookmarks have been created by the staff at Bernardsville Public Library to help you chose your next reading selection. Each bookmark features a separate genre or topic, and they are all double-sided to give you even more information. One side offers a list of authors for that genre and the other side may offer interesting facts or helpful Web sites for a deeper exploration of the topic.

Bookmark topics include Horror, Chick Lit, Biographies/Memoirs, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Mystery, American Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Disaster, War Fiction, Culinary Mysteries, Travel, Historical Fiction, and Prizewinners. Printed on colorful cardstock, they stand out beautifully compared to ordinary bookmarks. You'll find them at the circulation desk, so please help yourself to these new resources made just for you!


Bernardsville Library Staff Information said...

So much excellent, well-presented information! - KB

Susan said...

Great job, Evelyn.